Indian reservation and foster care


Reference from : Native Survivors Of Foster Care Return Home

Story From:

When Dwayne Stenstrom was 8 years old a state worker told him that he and his brother were going to a special camp for the summer. Instead, he spent 12 years in foster care.

美國的寄養制度把 Stenstrom 帶離了印第安祖父的身旁,而在他被帶離的時候,他和他的兄弟還以為只是去參加一個特別的夏令營。現在的 Stenstrom 是一位在 Sinte Gleska 大學教書的老師。對於美國政府而言,他被視為寄養制度的一個成功案例,但是事實上,那是一段失落的12年,在這一段時間中,祖父、母親已離他而去,而 Stenstrom 甚至在親人臨終前都未見到他們最後一面。

That's when he returned to the reservation, he says, to see what he had missed and find his identity. He says it saved him.

失去了印地安的傳統,沒了部落(tribe)的文化傳承。在寄養的過程中,Stenstrom學會了美國的文化卻失了部落傳承。直到回到了部落,Stenstrom 才找回了歸屬感。

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